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Public Relations

Martha Morano has rich experience in public relations specializing in lifestyle and travel. She began her career in the promotion and publicity departments of Simon & Schuster then Times Mirror publishing companies. She eventually transferred her public relations expertise to the travel industry working with distinctive, unusual, properties and introducing them to the media…putting them on the map. Hotels and travel are in her DNA having grown up with a journalist mother who took her along when inspecting hotels and writing stories. By age 17 she had seen over 100 properties and could tell which ones had character and were well run. She established her own company over 25 years ago blazing trails in the world of travel public relations working with undiscovered properties and overseas owners who were new the US market. Her understanding of the writers' needs and the needs of her clients has served her well… "Every successful property has a unique personality which we discover and present” says Mrs. Morano, “writers need something to sink their teeth into and we find that something."

Martha is a longstanding member of Society of American Travel Writers and has served on it membership committee.

Marketing and Sales

Mary Elizabeth Wheelis grew up in the travel business, groomed by her mom, Town & Country Travel Editor for 30 years. Mary Elizabeth learned to sell through her travel ad sales career, working her way up from weekly travel trade magazines to the Travel Advertising Manager spot for T&C magazine. She learned the travel marketing business by working at a hotel representative company, handling everything from brochure fulfillment to escorting GMs on sales calls, to becoming Managing Director, overseeing the reservations and marketing departments. She branched out 10 years ago and took the plunge to start her own company. Drawn to the small unique, niche market, Mary Elizabeth has successfully carved out a business marketing and representing privately owned properties in the US travel market. Her company, Travel Marketing Solution, offers a professional team and a menu of services for her clients.


Video and Media Production

Christina Morano specializes in video and web production with over 250 productions under her belt. She has worked on a wide variety of programs including documentaries, promotional videos, commercials, corporate videos, self help programming, live video webcasts and much more. After graduating from college, Christina began her career as an associate producer for New York PBS affiliate WLIW, where she worked for three years. Since her tenure at PBS, she has freelanced as a producer/editor and collaborated with various producers and production companies. Christina implemented a weekly live streaming web program from the ground up and has been responsible for coordinating, directing and editing a weekly four-camera television show. Her success stems from her ability to find the story in each client, giving them depth and personality. She will go beneath the surface using clips of owners, manager and staff as spokespeople to establish a human connection and distinctive brand. This has been a natural transition from the work her company has done on producing personal bios for non profits and PBS. She works closely with clients to deliver a product that inspires others and reveals the true soul of the people behind it.