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Through Eternity Tours offers exclusive access and 3D high tech walk-through of Nero’s Domus Aurea or Golden House and a new thrilling Colosseum by Night Experience.

May 18, 2017...Through Eternity, known for its in-depth and innovative tours, is one of the few companies to be awarded exclusive access for two new exciting itineraries this summer:   Domus Aurea or Nero’s Golden House and the Colosseum by Night.  Visitors will experience both these sites as the Romans did, walking through the darkened, torch lit tunnels of The Colosseum and the elaborate gold covered  rooms of Nero’s palace aided by 3D virtual reality… sites seen by only a very few.

Domus Aurea, Nero’s Golden House

When visitors walk up Palatine Hill in Rome and gaze out over the colosseum, they probably do not know that Nero’s palace built in 64-68 AD in all its grandeur is under their feet.  For centuries this magnificent 200 room Golden House or Domus Aurea has been buried and hidden from view, destroyed by the Roman people and Senate to eradicate the memory of Nero’s abuse of power and waste of money.   Now, after meticulous excavation the subterranean palace, still hidden beneath Roman gardens, is reopened for limited visits.  Through Eternity Tours is one of the very few companies offering participants special access to this architectural treasure.  Just twice a week at appointed times each day, Through Eternity takes a very fortunate few on a 3 part tour through the underground palace.  But this is far from an ordinary tour; the present becomes the past as participants put on 3D glasses and through

virtual animation magically relive the splendor of these incredible ruins.  Rooms once again are overlaid with gold and studded with precious stones, elaborate gardens and fountains and even the fragmentary frescoes are entirely recreated in their past splendor and vivid colors.   Start in a huge portico with columns, grotto and waterfall with alabaster walls and wondrous light.  Walk through courtyards and gardens filled with precious paintings and sculptures.  Finally enter the Octagonal Room the heart of the complex where the ceiling is perforated in the form of an open eye revealing the infinite space filled with stars.  Here Nero’s guests would lie on couches and feast while admiring the cosmos… truly a thrilling experience. After the stunning trip to the ancient past, join your guide on a rooftop for a prosecco and snacks with a 360 degree view of colosseum and ancient Rome.

Colosseum by Night

Again, Through Eternity brings visitors to places rarely seen.  Even for those travelers who have been through the Colosseum before, they will see it in a unique new light.  During these exclusive evening openings, you will be among an intimate number of visitors that witness how the Colosseum reveals its nostalgic dimension, the sense of its past glory. Take a stroll under the moonlight though the two-tiered underground of the Colosseum and, relive the hellishness of the time.  The guide reveals how gladiators and animals were placed side by side in special cages waiting for their inevitable battle. See that the impressive underground area, below the arena of the Colosseum, was almost totally dark, illuminated only by hundreds of lanterns, many of which were found during archaeological excavations.  Learn about the ingenious mechanisms used to maneuver the sets, demonstrating the innovative stage machinery created for imperial propaganda.  And most spellbinding is stepping onto the arena itself imagining the more than 50,000 cheering spectators.

After the Colosseum continue the journey through history and walk in the Roman Forum to the Piazza Campidoglio, designed by Michelangelo.  This is the perfect place to conclude as it represents the journey Rome has taken through the many centuries.

Through Eternity: 17 Years of Success

Through Eternity’s philosophy is to offer tourist in-depth walking tours with guides who not only know but love their cities.  Since 1999 this Rome based company has been giving private and small group tours guiding them to the lesser known yet extremely relevant sites located near the most famous monuments and museums. They take pride in their guides, many who have worked exclusively for them since the beginning. Their guides, with flawless English skills, have been selected for their scholastic background, knowledge, and professional expertise as well as their enthusiasm and passion in sharing their love for the city with our clients.  Through Eternity conducts tours in Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast.

For more information please call Mary Liz Wheelis at The Suite Group 800-783-6904 or e-mail ml@tvlmarketing.com, or visit www.througheternity.com

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