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ADLER Lodge ALPE Offers “Taste of South Tyrol” Culinary Experience Dolomites lodge in famed Alpi di Siusi ski area offers guests the chance to focus on food

The cuisine of Italy’s German- and Italian-speaking South Tyrol region, near the Austrian border, is nuanced and surprising. Hearty cold-weather dishes like polenta and canederli (dumplings) blend elements of German, Swiss and Austrian cooking, but also have plenty of Italian sophistication. Now ADLER Lodge ALPE, a cozy, luxurious ski-in-ski-out resort on the country’s largest mountain plateau, is offering guests a chance to fully immerse themselves in the region’s food with the “Taste of South Tyrol” offer (€637 per person, based on a three- to seven-night stay).

The program includes:

  • A tour and tasting at the Tramin winery, which is known for its Gewürztraminer
  • Cheese and beer tastings to showcase locally produced specialties
  • A visit with honey producer Runggaldier Werner
  • A trip to David’s Goaslhof, a goat and dairy farm
  • A baking lesson with ADLER Lodge ALPE pastry chef Elisa Kostner
  • Activities such as hiking, yoga, mountain biking and educational botanical walks (with a focus on medicinal herbs)

Overseeing the kitchen at ADLER Lodge ALPE is Chef Hannes Pignater, who has won a series of international awards, including the Gold Medal at the World Skills Competition in St. Gallen, Switzerland and the Silver Medal at the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, German. His style is simultaneously creative and authentic, with a focus on quality produce from South Tyrol that is sourced directly from committed farmers. His goal, as he explains it, is “To take everyday ingredients and create something special.”

The pastry chef, Elisa Kostner, also has an unusual approach to creating her mouthwatering desserts, which are rooted in the traditions of the Dolomite area but also have her own distinctive touches. “I don’t think about what I want to serve, be it mousse, ice cream or a cupcake, but rather what ingredients I want to use. These could be buckwheat, dandelion, quark, chamomile or honey pollen,” she says. The chefs’ use of local ingredients not only supports the Dolomites’ farmers, it also reduces the travel distances for delivery trucks and, as a result, carbon emissions. The hotel also serves only their own fresh mountain spring water (either flat or sparkling), to avoid the shipping and excess waste associated with plastic water bottles.


The luxury food and travel blog Travellers’ Places said that ADLER Lodge ALPE was “designed to radiate peace and relaxation,” a fact that’s clear from the moment guests arrive. The hotel consists of a main building with 18 junior suites, as well as 12 private, freestanding chalets, modelled after classic mountain huts, dotted throughout the property. The main reception area is home to a 40-foot–high totem by Adolf Vallazza, the world-famous wood sculptor.

The majestically beautiful Alpe di Siusi is as important to the story of ADLER Lodge ALPE as its luxurious rooms and expert staff. Although skiers are lured by the nearby world-famous runs during winter, each season is utterly unforgettable. Spring brings the sounds of birdsong and views of brightly colored meadows covered with wildflowers like orchids, crocuses and edelweiss. During the lush, green summers, the soft breezes and abundant sunshine make it easy to stay active all day. The alpenglow is a famous autumn phenomenon that guests love to observe during cocktail hour. Right before sunset, the mountain walls begin to glow with a gorgeous mix of orange, red and violet hues. This unique, breathtaking display is a special time that lasts only for a few minutes, and it reminds guests and staff members to pause and soak in the magical setting.

A network of trails adjacent to the property allows guests to easily hike or ski out and back to explore the Alpe di Siusi. Visitors can also experiment with yoga, horse-drawn carriage rides, snowshoeing, mountain biking and swimming in the heated indoor-outdoor infinity pool. Treated with therapeutic Dead Sea salt, the pool resembles a mountain lake, especially in the early mornings, as the mist rises and mingles with the clean, crisp air.

The ADLER Lodge ALPE is set in its own loft within the main building; it’s home to a hay sauna, fitness center and windows offering panoramic views of the rolling meadows and jagged Dolomite peaks. The staff takes pride in helping guests choose treatments that are best suited to their preferences, such as facials, peels, massages, body wraps and wooden tub baths. There are also several combination options (called “rituals”) that mix several different treatments for a truly sublime experience. One relaxation room has a glass ceiling that is especially popular during the evenings, as it allows guests to stargaze in a warm, luxurious setting.

ADLER Lodge ALPE is an eco-friendly hotel that complies with the Klimahaus Nature standards, which include strict requirements for responsible energy consumption, sustainable construction materials and an architectural design that’s in harmony with the surrounding landscape.


ADLER Lodge ALPE has three sister properties in Italy, each each imbued with a strong sense of place. ADLER Spa Resort DOLOMITI and ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE
are in the center of Oritsei overlooking the mountains, with architecture that’s beautifully integrated into the alpine setting. ADLER Spa Resort THERMAE, in Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany, is famous for its complex of naturally fed thermal baths and pools, totaling more than 1,000 square meters. As the hotels have grown and expanded from their humble roots, one thing has not changed: The Sanoner family, who have owned and managed the properties for seven generations and are passionate about hospitality.

For more information:  https://www.adler-resorts.com/en/
Press contact: Morano Public Relations, 212-860-5566 or martha@moranopr.com

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