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ADLER Spa Resort Dolomiti Offers Instagrammable Fall Hikes— Including a 24-Hour Trek

Guests Get Bragging Rights with Hashtags Like #Alpenglow and #Enrosadira

September 17, 2018, Val Gardena, Italy … If you hike somewhere gorgeous and didn’t post it on Instagram, did it even happen? With its incredibly scenic location in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, ADLER Spa Resort DOLOMITI, one of Italy’s four ADLER Spa Resorts, makes it easy for its guests to fill up their feeds with serious travel eye-candy as they explore the stunning Dolomite mountain passes that surround the resort.

One of the most Instagrammable moments is the Alpenglow sunset phenomenon that happens during fall. Whether you call it “Alpenglow,” “Enrosadira” (which means “turning pink” in Ladin, the Dolomites ancient language) or go with the more direct “Flaming Dolomites,” one thing is certain: The spectacle of the setting sun casting a fiery light on the jagged, majestic mountains is unforgettable. 

Although Enrosadira can be seen from the hotel’s restaurant around cocktail hour, the best way to experience it is during a guided hike with Thaddäus Moroder, a former national hang-gliding champion who is the hotel’s longtime tour guide. (Fun fact: The number of kilometers Moroder has logged hiking with ADLER guests is 40,000, which is equal to circumnavigating the globe once.) As the light begins to blaze on the whitish rock of the Dolomites, Moroder, who grew up in a nearby village loves to captivate guests with fascinating stories about the surrounding area.

Moroder leads hikes during spring, summer and autumn, and ski excursions through the area’s world-famous terrain during winter. Though his experiences are varied—he might find himself swimming in a mountain lake one minute, and observing an eagle or goat-antelope the next—one thing is constant: “This profession connects you to unbelievable and wonderful moments,” says Moroder.

The ADLER hiking adventures include short walks, full-moon viewings, day trips and even one 57-kilometer excursion that involves trekking for 24 consecutive hours. Moroder explained the reasoning behind offering his resort guests such a challenge:

The South Tyrolean climber Hans Kammerlander had been offering this for a while, so we said, let’s try it. It’s 57 kilometers with 3,000 meters in elevation gain, around the clock. These are the facts. In between sunrise and sunset are a couple of hut stops with hearty meals and lots of coffee as well as a chain of sweat-inducing challenges. Whoever believes that 24 hours of scrambling over scree and rock, across alps and along steep paths, can only be mastered by professional climbers is completely wrong. This tour is not suitable for everyone, but we have had 70-year-olds who have completed it successfully. The effort involved is, of course, what is appealing and attractive.

Moroder seems to epitomize the old expression, “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” As he says, “After twenty years it is still as much fun as it was on the first day, and I’ve never had a guest who wasn’t thrilled by our mountains.”

Through November 4, 2018, ADLER Spa Resort DOLOMITI is offering walking packages that start at €408 per person for a minimum stay of three nights.

The package includes:

• Two daily guided hikes
• Packed or hut lunches
• Backpacks and telescopic pole rentals
• Hearty, post-hike snacks
• Downloadable photos
• One wine-tasting session

ABOUT ADLER SPA RESORT DOLOMITI  https://www.adler-dolomiti.com/en/

The 114-room hotel is in the center of Oritsei overlooking the mountains, with architecture that’s beautifully integrated into the alpine setting. The original inn, which dates to 1810, still stands, along with the charmingly turreted 1905 Bittner House, and the lemon-yellow main building, designed in 1925 by the prominent Austrian architect Clemens Holzmeister. The hotel décor mixes clean lines, warm wood tones and expansive panoramic windows, and the overall look, which brings the stunning outdoors inside, is both stylish and soothing.


ADLER Spa Resort DOLOMITI’s spa is the hotel’s epicenter. It’s known for its sprawling Water World area, which features more than 30,000 square feet of hot and cold pools, baths, saunas and relaxation areas, all set within ADLER Park, a private, peaceful oasis. Water World highlights include the salt grotto and rock salt sauna, the Rasul bath (with mud and herbal steam), a floral-scented steam room and the women’s only rose-petal bath and lounge area. There are dozens of spa treatments available, such as Ayurvedic massage, Reiki, and Alpine baths with local pine needles and hay. Respiratory therapy, which can be used as a weight loss or a stress-management technique, is one of the newer offerings. Treatments at all three hotel spas feature ADLER’s own skincare products. To earn their spa time, ADLER Spa Resort DOLOMITI visitors keep busy skiing, snowshoeing or tobogganing the world-renowned pistes or, in the warmer months, hiking or cycling (both mountain bikes and electric bikes are available). Other activities include white-water rafting, yoga, Pilates and guided full-moon walks.

For more information:  https://www.adler-resorts.com/en/
Press contact: Morano Public Relations, 212-860-5566 or martha@moranopr.com

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