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Italy's ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE Introduces
Pioneering NanoVi Regenerative Therapy

Cutting-edge, drug-free device uses oxygen to help repair cellular damage

Val Gardena, Italy, September 2018 … Although elite athletes like Olympic gold-medal Mary Joy Tabal, boxing champion Mike Gravonski and pitcher Matthew Boyd of the Detroit Tigers sing its praises, the NanoVi inhalation oxygen device, which ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE has recently introduced to its guests, would benefit anyone looking to improve their health.

NanoVi Creator Hans Eng explains how the process imitates the body’s natural healing process: “The device generates an airflow containing water molecules that have been modified to be more densely arranged. As you breathe in the air, the special properties of the water droplets are transferred into the cells, causing a change that promotes cell repair,” he says.

Using the NanoVi regularly may help counter the effects of damaging free radicals— divided oxygen molecules throughout the body that can contribute to aging. Free radicals may produce unpleasant results that range from cosmetic concerns (like wrinkles) to more serious ones (like chronic disease). 

Now, visitors to ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE can complement their spa treatments, custom dietary programs and fitness classes with Regenerative NanoVi Therapy sessions. The process is simple: The guest wears a nasal cannula and inhales moist, oxygen-rich air for 20 minutes. "In addition to the guest’s individual treatment program, we recommend daily NanoVi sessions," says Aesthetic Medicine Director Dr. Rossana Lo Monaco, adding, “Most guests experience a state of heightened alertness and well-being that intensifies after the second or third session and is then maintained.”

Here are just a few benefits reported by NanoVi users:

  • Increased mental clarity
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Jet lag relief
  • Decreased muscle soreness if used before exercise, due to lower blood lactate levels
  • Improvement of inflammatory conditions such as migraines and joint pain
  • Significantly better athletic performance, especially for competitive athletes

NanoVi sessions are part of the Positive-Aging therapies at ADLER MED and may be purchased as single sessions or packages. Prices are as follows: Single 20-minute session, €38; 6 20-minute sessions, €193; 12 20-minute sessions, €356



With just 30 suites and a warm, intimate atmosphere, ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE is open only to guests over 16 years of age. “Balance” does not just refer to how a guest will feel upon departure (the hotel motto can be described as “health with pleasure”), but also to the hotel’s design and materials.  As an homage to the surrounding mountains, the décor at the solar-powered hotel includes natural materials such as slate, stone and several different types of untreated wood, including arven (Swiss pine), larch, walnut, oak, and elm, all of which impart a delightfully soothing smell throughout the hotel.

Along with its comprehensive spa, ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE is also home to the ADLER MED Health Center, where doctors, nurses and therapists can help each guest create a program that might include prevention and diagnosis of chronic health conditions; stress management; weight loss and nutrition counseling; physical therapy; and dermatological treatments. ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE is set in the Dolomites mountain area, which is in northeastern Italy and part of the Southern Alps. It was named a World Heritage site by UNESCO, who praised the “vertical walls, sheer cliffs and a high density of narrow, deep and long valleys.”

ADLER Spa Resort Balance https://www.adler-balance.com/en/ is part of the ADLER Spa Resorts www.adler-resorts.com  including
ADLER Spa Resort DOLOMITI https://www.adler-dolomiti.com/en/
ADLER Lodge ALPE, https://www.adler-lodge.com/en/hotel-alpe-di-siusi/1-0.html
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