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ADLER Balance Spa Resort Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Intimate Dolomites spa enters its second decade with special guest discounts and a new chef


South Tyrol, Italy, November 2018 … ADLER Balance, the cozy spa hotel in Italy’s Dolomites region that’s a sister hotel to ADLER Dolomiti, will celebrate its tenth anniversary in December 2018. Now through mid-December, the hotel’s health center will be offering the ADLER Med Live Active package, which includes the following:

  • Bioelectrical checkup, to measure the body’s response to stressful stimuli
  • ANS (autonomous nervous system) analysis, which uses heart-rate variability (the time interval between heartbeats) to assess organ function and screen for health issues
  • 6 treatments with the NanoVi inhalation oxygen device

Using the NanoVi machine regularly may help counter the effects of damaging free radicals— divided oxygen molecules throughout the body that can contributing to aging. Free radicals may produce unpleasant results that range from cosmetic concerns (like wrinkles) to more serious ones (like chronic disease).

“Founded 10 years ago with the vision of offering well-being at 360°, today we are an innovative medical center able to address any specific area of concern through latest technology and in an exclusive environment,” says hotel manager Clelia Romanelli.

Although it has an innovative health center, Romanelli adds that the spa is also “truly a holiday away from your everyday life, an oasis where you can regain the balance of body, mind and spirit, recover your energy and regenerate.”

The ADLER MED Live Active package costs €307 per person with a three-day minimum stay (accommodations not included) and will be offered through December 15, 2018.

In other news, Martin Noflatscher has recently been promoted to the position of chef de cuisine at ADLER Balance. Noflatscher, who has worked at top restaurants such as Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli in Lake Garda and The Red Bull Hangar-7 at the Salzburg Airport, is poised to bring the spa’s cuisine to exciting new heights. “We offer a healthy but high-level cuisine, and this job is a very creative challenge, since we mostly work without butter, cream or salt,” he says.

He also talks about how important collaboration is in a restaurant kitchen. “Cooking is a process, and the most important thing is to try out, research and constantly improve as much as possible, and to interact with others. To create new menus, I take a lot of inspiration from both my fellow chefs as well as from the suggestions of other employees—we all approach the task together.” Noflatscher is used to working with guests who have many different dietary restrictions, but for those people who want to indulge a bit—this is vacation, after all—he has them covered. “It’s true that we largely avoid certain products that we consider less healthy, but if someone wants, for example, some ice cream, they’ll find it on the menu,” he says.



With just 30 suites and a warm, intimate atmosphere, ADLER Balance (https://www.adler-balance.com/en/ ) is open only to guests over 16 years of age. “Balance” does not just refer to how a guest will feel upon departure (the hotel motto can be described as “health with pleasure”), but also to the hotel’s design and materials. As an homage to the surrounding mountains, the décor at the solar-powered hotel includes natural materials such as slate, stone and several different types of untreated wood, including arven (Swiss pine), larch, walnut, oak, and elm, all of which impart a delightfully soothing smell throughout the hotel.

Along with its comprehensive spa, ADLER Balance is also home to the ADLER MED Health Center, where doctors, nurses and therapists can help each guest create a program that might include prevention and diagnosis of chronic health conditions; stress management; weight loss and nutrition counseling; physical therapy; and dermatological treatments. ADLER Balance is set in the Dolomites mountain area, which is in northeastern Italy and part of the Southern Alps. It was named a World Heritage site by UNESCO, who praised the “vertical walls, sheer cliffs and a high density of narrow, deep and long valleys.”

For more information:  https://www.adler-resorts.com/en/
Press contact: Morano Public Relations, 212-860-5566 or martha@moranopr.com

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